The Western Socialist
Vol. 31 - No. 241
No. 5, 1964
page 10

Maintaining the Fallacy

The fallacy is still maintained that there is no idle class in society, that everybody works who can, except perhaps the "lazy" few who sponge illegally off "social" welfare.

The schism in society is now referred to as labor and "management," there presumably being no capitalist class. However, shares are still being traded on stock exchanges, and bonds, private and government, are still being bought and sold, so obviously some class owns them.

During the recent strike in the Albernis the machinery was present and the raw materials were abundant, but, nothing was produced for seven weeks and 17 million dollars of wealth was lost, because the labor factor was missing.

Which doesn't say much for the social usefulness of the absentee minority owners of the means of production and distribution today.


Victoria, B. C.