The Western Socialist
Vol. 27 - No. 215
No. 4, 1960
page 20


Long Way From Paradise

In reference to your editorial on Sweden, January 8:

It might be asked whether this is a welfare state or a state of welfare. The former but definitely not the latter. A state of rich and poor, of three social groups. 1. "Better situated." 2. "Middle Class." 3. "Average worker."

It is a gross understatement to say this isn't paradise, a country which is experiencing vastly increased robberies, juvenile delinquencies and the highest consumption of alcohol in the world (1957). Since 1953 their cost of living rose 9 per cent and suicides increased 19 per cent.

This Swedish version of capitalism, CCF style, ought to he a lesson to those workers who think that the evils of the exploitation system will be solved by a few crumbs which are promised to those who produce everything.

So long as everything has to be paid for, that is, all useful things are produced for sale and for profits, we will have the misery that such an economic relationship engenders.


"Victoria Times" 1-14-60