The Western Socialist
Vol. 27 - No. 214
No. 3, 1960
page 10


In the Colonist of Feb. 11 Randolph Harding, MLA, was reported as saying: "The big issue in the next election will be private or public power," implying that public ownership under the CCF would benefit the great majority of the people, which is absolutely contrary to the facts.

In contrast to the above, on page two of the same issue, you report "Britain acts to head off railway strike." These railways have been operating under public ownership for years, yet we find the workers compelled to resort to strike action, in order to obtain a decent wage. Labor Minister Edward Heath decided to intervene when the Trade Union Congress, which is opposed to strike action, failed to break the union's demand for increased pay.

It should be clear to anyone who cares to investigate that public ownership in any form means centralizing the form of ownership, to economize in producing wealth or services, to eliminate all unnecessary labor, but to provide good jobs for certain union officials.

When the workers understand these facts they will realize that instead of the CCF being the friends of labor, they are in fact labor's greatest enemy, and should be treated as such.


Daily Colonist, Feb. 16, 1960