The Western Socialist
Vol. 31 - No. 237
No. 1, 1964
page 20


It is the opinion of a lot of people that Socialism will never come, because human nature won't stand for it.

Capitalism to them is the only possible system of society. It is the healthy product of man's biological maturity. It is perfection unqualified.

It will be conceded of course that this state of grace was reached with some assistance. Left to itself nature will impel man to eat when hungry, sleep when tired, pursue the female of his choice and generally do things that bring him comfort and pleasure. But it would never cause him to engage daily at the sound of a whistle in unpleasant physical exertion, or to travel several thousand miles to murder people; and no other creature, not even a jackass, will stand hungry before a pile of fodder and walk away still hungry. These things need guidance.

To the preacher human behavior is either good or bad and he devotes his time to furthering behavior that is good. In his view it is bad for a worker to take from his employer to feed his hungry children — that is stealing; but it is not bad for the employer to take from hungry children — that is legitimate enterprise. The preacher must be stern about this and his determination is strengthened in the knowledge that should he falter and give wrong guidance his pulpit will be taken over by one more worthy.

The guidance of human behavior begins at an early age. The child is sent to school and church and educated and taught right from wrong. He is taught reading and writing and the national anthem. He learns to add figures and to be proud that he was born where he was born. He marvels at the vastness of the universe and learns about private property. He becomes aware of history's cultural legacy and that he must not covet his neighbor's chattels. He is taught that it is wrong to steal or kill except in the cause of righteousness.

And as the years move on and the child approaches adulthood and leaves school and becomes lax in church attendance, his behavior is still given careful thought and guidance. There are days of national rejoicing when he is told again that he is free. There are days of national thanksgiving when his labors are buried in praise for the bounty of God. There are days of national mourning when a giant slaughter becomes a sacred crusade. And between these days of special mention there is unending care by the press, the radio, television and other means of, molding the minds of men, to ensure that only proper thoughts are thought, only proper things are done. No voice is unheard, no act unpraised, that defends the wealth of the wealthy and the poverty of the poor.

So it comes about that we live today in the only possible system of society, the ultimate outcome of man's natural urge to lie, cheat, steal, oppress, destroy and murder.

That is why Socialism will never come. Human nature won't stand for it.

J. M.