The Western Socialist
Vol. 32 - No. 245
No. 3, 1965
page 2

From our mail bag

May 2, 1965

Local Toronto, (SPC): "Have just come away from our first outdoor meeting of the season in Allan Gardens. Crowd between 150 and 200, many good questions. We're having our indoor meeting this evening, "Any Questions!" All the comrades here enjoy every minute they put over socialist ideas. Yours for the cause.


May 6, 1965

Local Victoria, B.C. (SPC): "We are still running a study group, also a discussion group each week, as well as putting our stand up in the Park on Sunday afternoons. We put The Western Socialist and Socialist Standard anywhere we think they will create some interest.



Another friend of mine just died of cancer, and still another is near death in the hospital. So, before the echo of the wishing and the hoping of millions of proletarians for a better life in '65 fades in oblivion, I would like to comment on the colossal efforts of capitalism to conquer cancer.

The door-to-door dime collections of the Canadian section of a cancer research organization amounted to about one-half of the cost of a B-59 atom bomber.

But profits come first and bombers are needed to keep those bad state capitalists in Russia and China from getting into "our" markets and raw materials.

No New Year's congratulations are in order for wage-workers of the world who take their miseries lying down and who supinely refuse to attempt even one feeble step towards an understanding of the system that causes their vale of tears.

"There are none so blind as those who refuse to see."

J. G. Jenkins, Victoria, B.C.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Has Russia conquered cancer? Did China produce Salk polio vaccine? And how many "B-59 bombers" did Canada build last year?

The Province, Vancouver, B. C., Jan. 10, 1965

* * * *

Apparently, up to date, the Editor has not felt it necessary to reply to Comrade Jenkins' refutation.