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Strikes for Peace

Signs are steadily growing that the working class of Europe are becoming weary of the war, with its endless slaughter, its lack of decisions making for peace, and the increased privation and misery that result from its continuance.

Enthusiastic at first for the war, with an enthusiasm inflamed and fed by the Press and the preachers — religious and political — of the master class, the workers of the various belligerent countries rushed to the fray, to the cry of "On to Berlin!" "Paris in a week !" and the like. Three and a half years of appalling slaughter have intervened, with immense improvements and developments in the instruments of torture and destruction, but the belligerents are no nearer a military decision now, on either side, than they were in 1914.

The call of the patriot

FELLOW Workers,—During the last three months there has been staring at you from every hoarding, from
trams, 'buses, and stations, from vans, warehouse walls, and notice boards on churches, from the pages of
the newspapers and every other available space, the statement that: "YOUR KING AND COUNTRY NEED YOU."

The Battle of the Somme

The recent 90th anniversary of the human tragedy of the Somme saw the politicians, the churches and the organisations charged with remembrance giving history a makeover.

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