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The Treaty of Versailles

Syria: Bashar Lives Up to His Name

Anybody can claim to be an opponent of the present Syrian government, but what kind of a regime is it proposed to establish in its place?

They have been calling it “the Arab Spring”. Various dictators around the Mediterranean have been overthrown, and successor regimes, more or less distinct from the ones that went before, have been installed. Tunisia’s dictator was thrown out first, to be followed by the dictators of Egypt, Libya, and the Yemen. Now there is a more or less open rebellion in Syria, aimed at overthrowing Bashar al-Assad, the local despot.

Peace (!)

Peace, we are told, has now been made. On 28th June, 1919, the representatives of the Allied powers and Germany signed a "Peace treaty", officially terminating the "Great War", which it had claimed would "end all war" and "make the world safe for democracy".

To achieve the great result millions of the working class lie in war graves, millions are maimed, crippled, or disfigured for life, millions more, with constitutions shattered, are wondering what the future holds for them.

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