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Tom Mann

Words and Deeds

  “The time for words is past: now is the time for action.” This is an indispensable aid to the Labour speaker. Introduced with fervour at an appropriate moment by one of the "Billy Sundays” of the movement it never fails to bring the roof down. Any novice at a loss for something useful to say, on any Labour platform, in any quarter of the globe, can depend upon it for “loud and prolonged applause.” The effect of its delivery to an open-mouthed audience of several thousands in the Albert Hall, by that platform acrobat, Tom Mann, is truly wonderful. Don’t imagine, however, that it is something new. George Lansbury has been saying it as regularly as clockwork for twenty years for more; Tom Mann is now over seventy, and it must have been a commonplace with him in his early twenties; and no doubt Moses, by whom he sets his course, was hurling it at the murmuring Israelites in Egypt and in the Desert.

How We Are To Be Saved By Syndicalism

Syndicalism and the Co-operative Commonwealth by Emile Pataud and Emile Pouget. Cloth 3s. 6d., paper 2s. 6d., net. Oxford. The New International Publishing Co., Park End St.

In more senses than one Syndicalism is “in the air”. “Philosophers”like Sorel have written its metaphysics; “intellectuals”like Mr. And Mrs. Sidney Webb have discussed it; penny-a-liners like Ramsay MacDonald and Philip Snowden have described it.

But none of these can be said to be active participants in the movement; hence the need for a description, or explanation, from some one inside its ranks. This book should fill the want.

The authors are well known officials of trade unions or syndicats, extensively advertised as leaders of Syndicalism, and have taken part in various French strikes.

Syndicalism in England: The attitude of the Socialist Party

The Effect of Treachery
The treachery of “Labour” politicians and the betrayal by pseudo-Socialists in Parliament are very real and potent factors in causing many members of the working class to lose faith in political action.

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