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State Violence

Rubber Bullets

      "Indian police are experimenting with rubber bullets instead of lead ones. These do far less damage and are just as effective in controlling crowds. The investigation was prompted by the large number of deaths through shooting by the police during agitations in various parts of the country, which it is understood has aroused some adverse comment.

      Ballistics experts are now working on the problem at the Ishapore Gun and Shell Factory near Calcutta." ('Rubber Developments', Vol. 12, No. 4)


It is pleasing to note (vide the "London Typographical Circular") that the booklet recently issued by the Army authorities was printed in a Trade Union shop. It will, no doubt, also be the pleasing result of those T. U. circulars, that the new recruits will wear T. U. clothes, use guns made in T. U. shops, and fire T. U. bullets into T. U. craniums.

T. A.

State Murder in the USA

The law and order card is always the trump that struggling governments use to divert attention away from the crisis created by the capitalist system they help to run. Just as crime, law and order have been at the forefront of the political agenda in Britain, so too is this the case in America now if all else fails, there is always the scapegoat, the working class, potential miscreants and criminals who are responsible for social decline.

The only Western industrialized state that still applies the death penalty is the United States. Just as grotesque, in this land where its constitution proclaims the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness", is that come election time candidate’s stance in the capital punishment debate can win or lose him or her a seat in Congress or the Senate.

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