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SPGB Paddington Branch

Why Not Join Us?

 There are readers of the Socialist Standard and supporters of the party in the districts around London and in the Provinces who feel too far from any centre of party activity to think it worth while joining us. There are others again who, while agreeing with us, yet have a fancy that we are “intellectuals” or “too tolerant." To such I address the following few lines:

 Those who are waiting until the party grows in strength in different places would be wise to remember that not only must there be a beginning with someone, but also there may be quite a number like themselves in a district just waiting for someone else to get going. If all those who agree with us join up, we can put members in a given district in touch with each other in order to form a branch. It is much more interesting and useful to work in harness with others than in isolation.

Paddington going strong

  It has long been realised by the Paddington members that there existed in the surrounding districts ample material to work upon and thereby extend the Party's influence, the only barrier being the lack of speakers. Finding ourselves continually bombarded with inquiries as to when we intended opening up these sources for Socialism, we determined to meet this insistent demand for the Party’s propaganda with a series of week’s meetings at selected venues. Operations were therefore commenced at Kilburn, which duly materialised into an energetic branch that has completely pulverised the wobbly opposition formerly entrenched in the locality.

Party News: A Paddington Placard

 We desire to announce to the workers of Kilburn and North Kensington that Paddington Branch is holding meetings at Victoria Rd., High Rd., Kilburn, on Wednesdays at 8.30 p.m., and at Lancaster Rd., Portobello Rd., North Kensington on Fridays at 8.30 p.m.

 This announcement will also constitute an effective salute to “our nearest friends,” the sympathetic scribes of the local sheets, who want Socialism in rag-time, please.

 They are somewhat perturbed at the approach of summer, and with it the Socialist Party’s street-corner propagandists. This should allay their fears.

Obituary: John Jahreis

 With great regret we learn of death the our old comrade, John Jahreis. Many years ago our late comrade joined the S.D.F., but finally he came to see the capitalist nature of that organisation. and he therefore threw in his lot with the April 1908.

Despite his 62 years and his indifferent health, Comrade Jahries was an ever-willing and strenuous worker in the cause he loved so well, and our Paddington Branch keenly feel his loss. He had a bitter struggle to gain a livelihood, but, undaunted, worked for Socialism right up to the very end.

We extend our sincere sympathy to his sorrowing wife and children, now left to struggle alone.

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