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SPGB Leyton Branch

Party News Briefs

Arrangements have been made to hold regular indoor Sunday evening meetings during the Winter and Denison House Hall has been booked fortnightly from 5th October. The title of the first meeting is“ The Labour Party in Conference ” and the speaker is J. D’Arcy. The meeting on 19th October is “Marx—Right or wrong ? ” and the speaker on this occasion is F. Evans. A. Turner is the speaker at the meeting on 2nd November and the title “Has Man Progressed?" Several branches are assisting in the running of these meetings and every effort will be made to ensure their success. If readers make a note of the dates and mention them to friends and people likely to be interested, we should be able to fill the hall to capacity. Further titles will be advertised in future issues of the “Socialist Standard" and details can be had from Head Office. The address for the meetings:- Denison House Hall, Vauxhall Bridge Road (Near Victoria Station). Each meeting commences at 7 p.m.

Obituaries: Harry Edwards; Phyllis Howard; Vic Berry; Neil Brodie

Harry Edwards

West London branch members were shocked by the death of Comrade Harry Edwards at their branch meeting on 1 February at the age of 67.

Harry Edwards had joined the old Paddington branch of the Party in 1947 after being demobbed from the army, later transferring to Ealing and then to West London. He worked for the old road transport division of the railways, a job which entitled him to travel cheaply all over Europe where he had many friends and contacts and from which he retired early. This gave him the time to pursue the things that really interested him, the local rowing and chess clubs (he had been a keen rower in his younger days, the captain of his club in fact) as well as socialist activity.

Debate: S.P.G.B. versus The Communist Party

On Sunday, May 7th, a debate took place at Grove House, Leyton, between S. Rubin for the S.P.G.B. and Ralph Fox for the Communist Party. The audience of 150 was keenly interested and took full advantage of the questions and discussion which followed the debate. The time allowed to the debaters was somewhat short, but Comrade Rubin was able to state the Party's case and covered a great deal of ground. The debate was a very successful piece of propaganda for the Leyton Branch.

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