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Socialist Principles

The Basis of Socialism

 The Socialist Party cannot be accused, with fairness, of hiding from the world its Object, principles, and policy. The goal for which we strive, the reasons that direct us thither, and the methods by which we confidently expect to arrive at our goal are no secret. They are embodied in a summary form in the Party’s Declaration of Principles appearing on the last page of every copy of this, its official organ.

 The Party’s Object is defined as the establishment of a system of society based upon the common ownership and democratic control of the means and instruments of production and distribution. This brief statement presents in a nutshell the whole broad, general outlook of the Party, and the key to all aspects of its philosophy. '

Socialist Principles Explained (1975 version)

Object and Declaration of Principles


The basis of the Socialist Party of Great Britain (and of its Companion Parties in other countries) is the OBJECT and DECLARATION of PRINCIPLES: applicants for membership are required to indicate their acceptance of them. It is more than a formal declaration and applicants must show that they understand the implications of what they sign.

The purpose of this pamphlet is to provide in convenient form a brief and simple introduction to the OBJECT and each of the eight Clauses, though we would emphasise that the Declaration has to be considered as a whole. The reader of the pamphlet will notice a certain amount of repetition in the different sections. It was considered desirable to repeat some statements wherever appropriate in order to make the position quite clear.

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