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Socialist Labour Party of Britain

Letters: Every Point But The One At Issue

Dear Sir,

May I, as one who disagrees with your remarks in this month’s Socialist Standard with reference to the Socialist Labour Party and the fight for their Press, be permitted to say a few words on the subject?

Party News: Party Pars

The S.P.G.B. at all points of the compass are meeting the enemy or making arrangements to do so. The Anti-Socialist Union have agreed at four different places to meet us in debate. Early in March a discussion will take place between rep representatives of the two organisations at Paddington. At Tottenham a Mr Farraday  is to meet Anderson as soon as arrangements for hall accomodation have been settled. Islington and Battersea have also negotiations pending.

* * *

Book Review: 'The History of the Social Democratic Federation'

Refusing support for lost causes

'The History of the Social Democratic Federation', by Martin Crick. Ryburn Publishing. Keele University Press.

A good history of the SDF has long been needed. This is not a good history, but neither is it useless; indeed, the author has clearly spent some time with the archives of the Federation, particularly investigating its local activities in Lancashire and Yorkshire, and there is much within the 300-plus pages which is educative.

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