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Social Democratic Party

The German Elections

How they support our contentions

In the December 1918 Socialist Standard we stated that if a General Election were held in Germany the working class there, having the vast majority of the votes, could place a Socialist Government in power should they desire to work for the establishment of Socialism. An Election has now been held, and its results must be exceedingly disappointing to those who claim that the riots in Berlin and other towns showed that the German working class were ready - nay, eager - to see Socialism brought into existence.

The Press reports give the following as the result of the Election:

Chatham House and Spies

According to the Times (16 September), a spy working for the East German intelligence agency Staatssicherheitdienst (Stasi), operating under the code-name Eckart, infiltrated the Royal Institute of International Affairs, generally known as Chatham House, for at least six years during the 1980s. He allegedly supplied the Stasi's foreign intelligence division, the Hauptverwaltung Aufklarung (HVA), through East Germany's London embassy, with reports stolen from Chatham House on Royal Navy manoeuvres, NATO management problems, British government evaluation of the Falklands conflict and, what may appear surprising at first, the Social Democratic Party, which had just been formed by the "Gang of Four", splitting the Labour Party. Also on 10 March 1983, Eckart sent a Chatham House report "on the Trotskyists in the United Kingdom" to his controllers in the HVA.

S. D. P. and taxation

H. M. Hyndman (S. D. P.) in Justice, 7.8.09, says that "If Mr. Lloyd George were to bring about a reduction of Rates and Taxes by the Confiscation of rent for that purpose it would only benefit the Capitalist Class", thus affirming that rates and taxes are no concern of the working class.

E. Belfort Bax and H. Quelch (S. D. F.) in their Catechism of Socialism say "that the Working Class do not pay taxes, but that they are paid out of the surplus value robbed by the Capitalist Class from the Working Class."

Miss Kough (S. D. F.) speaking for the Watford Socialist Society on August 8th last, in advocating Adult Suffrage said that it was "only right that working class women who have to pay their share of the taxes should have a vote and a voice in the spending of those taxes."

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