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Rudolph Steiner

Book Review: 'The Threefold State'

A Plaster for a Wooden Leg

"THE THREEFOLD STATE. The True Aspect of the Social Question." By Dr. RUDOLPH STEINER. London: G. Allen & Unwin, Ltd. 5s. net.

The Adaptability of Capitalism

Capitalism is a wonderful system of society. Its powers of production are colossal: its products more amazing than any dream of the Arabian Nights. Huge structures, mighty engines, gigantic ships, tremendous means of transport, mark its march across the earth. But along with the giant powers and products exist problems of such seeming complexity, and so far-reaching in their effects, that all the spokesmen, defenders, apologists, and believers in the system are bewildered at the appalling appearance of these problems, and vainly seek a solution within the limits of the system.

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