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Political Humour

Life and Laughter

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, and so does humour. For instance: Magistrate (at Willesden, of course) :
"What is your occupation?"
Prisoner: "Unemployment!"
This was selected by the newspapers as a police court joke. So it is, but there is more humour than meets the eye. Another magistrate:
"What is your occupation?"
Prisoner (or should we say defendant here): "I am a gentleman.” No! there is no laughter here, not even a smile.
Here is a Labour Government in the seats of the mighty, pledged to abolish unemployment. They are not a sad-eyed, melancholy party. Jollity oozes from their joints and mirth gushes from their mouths.

Hamilton. Offer of a Free Copy of "The Socialist Standard"

Some reader of the Socialist Standard regularly defaces, mutilates or removes the copy placed in the Hamilton Public Library. In order to prevent inconvenience to other would-be readers, the individual is invited to apply to the Secretary of the local branch of the S.P.G.B. for a free copy.

Mr. Wheatley's Lapse

 Strange Story of a Little Child

 During 1924 Mr. Wheatley, M.P., was Minister of Health in the Labour Cabinet, described by the "New Leader" as being "to an overwhelming extent an I.L.P. Government" (see "New Leader” of February 8, '24). In the present Labour Government Mr. Wheatley has been supplanted by the Right Hon. Arthur Greenwood, M.P.

 Speaking in the House on July 15, Mr. Wheatley found occasion to criticise his successor and, in passing, to pat himself on the back for his Housing Act of 1924. He said :—

Speeding-Up The Admirals

 Avast there, comrades! Haul in your slacks while I shiver my timbers.

 The Navy, sirs, is going to the dogs. Senior officers are now expected to know something, and a special instructional course began at Portsmouth on Feb 13, with fifty rear admirals, captains, and commanders as pupils. How George must congratulate himself upon his shore appointment!

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