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Shelley: In His Way, One Of Us

 Innumerable days of my life I wish to forget; three days I will always remember with joy. On one of those latter days I read The Communist Manifesto for the first time. On another of the days I saw some of Van Gogh's pictures at the first exhibition in this country of the work of the post-impressionists of France. On the third, and almost the last, of my joy-days my father gave me a book, "The Poems of Percy Bysshe Shelley."

 Shelley is the poet I care for beyond all other poets. He dreamed, loved, wept, and sang; he helped his friends and those who were not his friends — he gave heaps of money away — he went his own way— none could tie him down — he was a wild yet gentle man, and his immortal “sweetest songs are those which tell of saddest  thought.”    

Take Up The Sword

     War ! Well, let it be War,
       While an enemy stands in the way of what we desire!
        Only the strong may aspire
     To life in a land where the sword is the giver of law.
     Then burn! O heart, burn ! with the fire
    Of unquenchable hatred and ire,
    And tear with a maddened talon and claw
    And win or defeated expire.  

    Lo, they have taken the earth.
       They have chained us to labour and heaped
                    us with sorrow and pain ;
        Have wrung out our blood to their gain.

Poem: The People

 (Written in 1600)

    "The people is a beast of muddy brain,
    That knows not its own strength and therefore stands
    Loaded with wood and iron. The powerless hands
    Of a mere child guide it with bit and rein;
    One kick would be enough to break the chain.
    But the beast fears, and what the child demands
    It does, nor its own terror understands
    Confused and stupefied by bugbears vain.
    Most wonderful! With its own hands
    It ties the gags itself, gives itself life and war,
    For pence doled out by kings from its own store.
    Its own are all things between earth and heaven;
    But this it knows not, and if one arise
    To tell this truth, it kills him unforgiven.”

The Church's One Foundation

From the Sunday Express (January 18th, 1959): “The Church of England stands to make millions of pounds if the Tories win the next election. The money will come from investments in free enterprise steel. The Church’s 2,187,000 shares put it among Britain's top ten investors in steel. . . . The investment is worth around £3,400,0000. Growing confidence that Tory success at the polls will end the threat of renationalisation has brought a rise of nearly 50 per cent. in steel shares from the low points touched last year. This suggests that the Church is already showing a profit in the region of £1,000,000 on its holding . . .  Soon the Church’s advisers will face the problem of reinvesting the £1,100,000 to be received from the take-over of its $260,000 British Aluminium shares.. This single transaction has brought the Church a profit estimated at £500,000."

    The prophets of the early days for truth made spartan search,

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