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October 1904

Party Notes

 The encouraging results attending our outdoor propaganda continue. New members are being enrolled every week. But if comrades in charge of the meetings would keep a sharper look out greater results still would be achieved.

* * *

 At the close of the meetings, one can usually observe a few persons remaining after the bulk of the audience has gone away. In many cases these persons are waiting to be approached by our members. They are a little shy of taking the initiative, but our comrades should break the ice and introduce themselves in a friendly

* * *

Two Points of View

 The extraordinary lack of apprehension by the superficially “educated” middle-class mind, even of a woman of genius in her own limited sphere, as compared with the depth of insight and forcible characterisation of a great scientific thinker informed by and applying the materialist philosophy is strikingly instanced by the following extracts:—

Sarah Bernhardt
, according to the “Strand Magazine" for August, when contrasting her first impression of fashionable life in London with life in Paris. says:

"Fire Out the Fools."

 Some years ago. when it was thought by many Socialists that West Ham was about to become in England what Roubaix was then in France —a town whose municipal government was to be controlled by Socialists—it was not anticipated, save by the clearest sighted amongst us, that the tactics then adopted were to prove so disastrous as they have done to the propagation of our principles?

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