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Book Reviews: 'The Ideology of the Text', & 'Yours For The Revolution'

Marxism and Literature

'The Ideology of the Text', by Christopher Hampton (Open University Press. £8.99)

'Yours For The Revolution', edited by John Graham (University of Nebraska Press)

Film Review: 'Richard III'

An introduction to Shakespeare through the film is a direct contrast to the poverty-stricken method taught in the Secondary Modern Schools. There we were told to like him because his works are classics. Instead we learned to hate him because of the laborious memorising of long passages of meaningless verse. Consequently the majority of working-men and women are indifferent to him.

With the advent of the film, that mallet of knowledge smashes the inverted bowl of ignorance.

Turgenev's "Virgin Soil"

It is a popular misconception of Marxist materialism that it can be used to establish a rigidly determining link between economic factors and appearance of, for example, works of literature. This is a vulgar and mechanistic interpretation of what materialism sets out to explain. There is no law of economic inevitability that provides a formula for a determining link between economic factors and the creative ability that appears from time to time uniquely in the personality of one artist. Nevertheless, the social framework provides the possibilities within which the talent of artists expresses itself and comes to fruition.

Put One in His Leg, Ellen

The Case of Mickey Spillane

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