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Jack Fitzgerald

The Force of Conditions

How correct was Marx’s deduction from his social studies, that a society

   “can neither clear by bold leaps nor remove by legal enactments the obstacles offered by the successive phases of its normal development. But it can shorten and lessen the birth pangs." (Preface to Capital.)

is shown by the present position in Russia. When the Bolsheviks had obtained control of power it was pointed out that the economic conditions of a country still largely in a feudalistic state, with the bulk of its population consisting of peasants, prevented the establishment of social control of the means of life. The blind followers of the Bolsheviks answered by pointing to the vast mass of propagandist literature circulated among the peasantry—8o per cent.

Party Notes:

Stirring reports of successful propaganda work have come in during the month. Several Branches record increased membership and in almost every district in which a Branch exists the activity of our members meets with encouraging response.
*  *  *
In Finsbury Park particularly, our Islington comrades appear to have swept the field, their meetings, entirely sympathetic, numbering from 500 to 1,500 people.

Obituary: Kitty Gostick

 Another Old Comrade Crosses the Line

We are sorry to have to record the death, on October 8th last, of another old member of the Party—Comrade Kitty Gostick.

 Mrs. Gostick, who was a sister of the late Comrade J. Fitzgerald belonged to that dwindling group of members who founded the Socialist Party of Great Britain in 1904; she thus remained a steadfast and solid prop of our principles and policy for nearly forty years. Of late years her health has not been good, and for the two and a half years preceding her death she was an invalid, a condition she bore with surprising patience, but she was always keenly interested in the activities of the Party.

A New Cure

 In the February issue of the Socialist Standard our comrade, Dick Kent, dealt with the latest quack remedy of the Salvation Army for solving unemployment. Now comes a writer in the Daily News, an "economic expert" who traces the cause of unemployment to the wasteful expenditure of wealth. Bow your heads, ye Solomons who taught the workers that they were poor because they were robbed. Shade your eyes from the dazzling light thrown upon this, up till now, difficult problem by the economic constellation alone. Can ye not see that it is not because Dick Turpin robs you that you are poor, but because, after he has emptied your pockets, he spends the proceeds of his industry in a wasteful manner.

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