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German SPD

The Origin and Growth of Nazism pt.3

Like a thunderbolt, the world slump struck German economy amidships towards the end of 1929. The capitalist magnates of New York, London and Paris who had financed Germany’s industrial comeback, hastily called in whatever part of their loans they could lay their hands on. Thus the German crisis assumed even more disastrous proportions than that of other countries. Her industry had rehabilitated itself on foreign credit and when this credit vanished, the bottom fell out from Germany’s reservoir of production.

The German Elections

How they support our contentions

In the December 1918 Socialist Standard we stated that if a General Election were held in Germany the working class there, having the vast majority of the votes, could place a Socialist Government in power should they desire to work for the establishment of Socialism. An Election has now been held, and its results must be exceedingly disappointing to those who claim that the riots in Berlin and other towns showed that the German working class were ready - nay, eager - to see Socialism brought into existence.

The Press reports give the following as the result of the Election:

Germany, November 1918

The German revolution of 80 years ago was the only ever nation-wide workers' revolt in an advanced capitalist society. It overthrew the Kaiser but not capitalism. It didn't and couldn't have done this as there was no majority for socialism amongst the workers.

The German Elections

While there is little doubt that underlying all the seething boil of excitement and conflicting emotions which is just now sweeping over Germany, some considerable increment of real Socialist knowledge, opinion and belief exists, those who depend upon mere superficial views are prone to discern in names and numbers much deeper significance than they do in reality possess.

In Germany the fact that every other party, without exception, has from time to time openly supported the Kaiser regime, drives those who, for their own good purposes, are “agin the Government”, to vote for the Social-Democratic candidates.

Thus, whilst the membership of the Social-Democratic Party there is at most 800,000, the voting for their candidates totalled 4½ millions! Their candidates seek votes upon every pretext, from Free Trade to “No indirect taxation”.

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