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The Eastern Question

The Balkan Conspiracy

To arms! To arms! Thus once again is the "Eastern Question" answered. Turk and Bulgarian, Mohammedan and Christian, are at one another's throats in a frenzy of blood-lust. The clash of arms and the roar of guns once more shake the hills and mountains of the near East, and the cries of wounded and dying men fill fair valleys with horror.

What does it all mean? What has it got to do with us of the working class?

Although some say it is no affair of ours, we emphatically hold otherwise. Before almost all else we Socialists are internationalists. We belong to the international working class. Our grievance is international; our only hope is international, and our enemy is international also. Hence we are interested in every activity that hurts, hinders, or helps our fellow workers anywhere and everywhere.

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