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David Lamond

Party Activities

Head Office

The Sunday evening lectures that were commenced at Head Office in the autumn have continued through the winter with considerable success. These lectures are given mainly by members who are developing as speakers, and this offers a splendid opportunity for beginners. The questions and discussion that follow have been usually on a high level and cannot fail to provide valuable information to those present.

We would like to see more members in attendance.


Meeting at Stratford.

Obituaries: Jimmy Banks, David Lamond and Helen Chesher

It is with great sadness and great regret that we recently learned of the deaths of three members.

Jimmy Banks joined the Party in 1916 and was soon an active propagandist, speaking on Clapham Common regularly. He was a conscientious objector in the 1914-1918 war and was sent to Dartmoor. Immediately upon his release he was actively propagating socialism in South West London. Of recent years we saw him only at Conference and Party meetings, which he frequently attended despite his failing health.

David Lamond, who died in November, was a staunch member for many years in Edinburgh where for many years he worked to spread the Party's message. He organised and spoke at meetings on the Mound in Edinburgh. Although for long periods he worked alone, he did much for Socialism.

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