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Clement Atlee

Editorial: 9 Months of Labour Rule

Twenty years ago this month, Great Britain elected the first majority Labour government in its history.

July 1945 was a time of jubilation for the Labour Party; but it was also a time of reckoning. Their two previous administrations - in 1924 and 1931 - had been minority governments, and had been able to blame their failures onto their dependence on Liberal support in the House of Commons.

The Atlee government had no such excuse. They had a massive majority behind them and they were determined to carry out the programme they had cherished for so long. Many Labour M.P.s said - and perhaps some of them even believed - that the day of Socialism had dawned.

Reality was cruelly different, and it exposed Labour Party theories for what they were. The 1945 government were committed to running British capitalism, and they did this in basically the same way as the Tories would have done.

Greasy Pole: Reshuffle - Who? When? Why?

Greasy Pole

We do not need to be diverted but recently Vernon Bogdanor, Research Professor at King's College, shared his thoughts on the matter of David Cameron looking for a way to revive his government's sagging fortunes: “David Cameron is an admirer of Harold Macmillan. There is quite a lot of similarity in that both went to Eton and Oxford”. And the point of this: “Like Macmillan, Cameron's lustre is fading. He too faces grave economic problems allied to failing support in the polls and is believed to be planning to revitalise his administration with a reshuffle”. And the eminent professor's advice: “It is important that Cameron does not let the legacy of the 'Night of the Long Knives' inhibit his own political calculations”.

Labourism Proposes - Capitalism Disposes

The members of the Socialist Party of Great Britain are not among those short-sighted electors who, having helped to elect a Labour Government to power, are now turning in astonished resentment to rend their idol of a year ago. We never had any illusions about Labour government.

Labour Government or Socialism?


This pamphlet tells you what socialists think of Labour government - not only the Wilson government which entered office in 1964 but all Labour governments past, present and future.

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