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Capitalist Politics

The Coming Election in the U.S.A.

 The two great burlesque shows recently held in Chicago are now things of the past—the conventions of the two major political parties in the United States to nominate their respective candidates for the offices of President and Vice-President, and to frame their respective platforms with which each party hopes to capture political power in the coming elections in November.

 An important reason why these conventions were held in that city is that the business organisations of Chicago, through their Chamber of Commerce, offered both the Democratic and Republican parties an inducement of 100,000 dollars to defray expenses. This was done because the business interests of the city of the “Jungle” saw in these conventions a means of increasing business for themselves. The city fathers of Chicago decided to make doubly certain that their investment would reap profit by asking both parties to prolong their gatherings as long as possible.

Are politics worth while?

 Are politics worth while? One would think that such were a crazy question to ask at this time of day. Yet probably the vast majority of the working class even to-day hold politics in the most profound contempt.

 The folly of this attitude it revealed as soon as we consider what the functions and purpose of politics are.

 Politics, we are told, are "the science of government; political affairs, or the contest of parties for power." The workers' interest in politics as the science of government is the governed. For they are the governed. They have no lot or portico in government, not withstanding appearances. What, then, is the purpose of government?

After the Show has Passed

Modern politics is a grotesque circus. An openly evil, insane, pantomime defender of the privilege and power of the one percent is placed opposite a reasonable, fairer-minded option. Today, all those with the basic common sense to put the needs of the majority first, have been enthused by the promises of Corbyn and Labour, swept up in a wave of optimism.

Poem: 'Those Twisting Tongues'

    The loose-lipped Labourite likes ladling out the lies.

    The calculating Conservative clearly croons over clichéd cries.

    The lamenting lacking Liberal leans loosely left and right.

    The Kremlin-coated Communist careers confusedly out of sight.

    But the scientific Socialist sees it all as a serious sleuth

    Takes the twisted tasteless tattle and traces out the truth.


Paul Breeze

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