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British History

Book Review: The True Story of Jack Cade

The True Story of Jack Cade, by Joseph Clayton. (Frank Palmer. London. 1s. net.)

Exhibition Review: Saddleworth Museum

Saddleworth is an area of farms and villages on the western edge of the Pennines, about halfway between Manchester and Huddersfield, with some spectacular scenery. Traditionally part of Yorkshire, it has, since the local government reorganisation of 1974, been part of the Borough of Oldham (which is itself within Greater Manchester). This annoys some of the residents, who maintain it is still in its previous county and have set up the Saddleworth White Rose Society (as if it matters in the slightest). The area is often described as ‘a Yorkshire community on the Lancashire side of the Pennines’.

The Forgotten Tradition of British Anti-monarchism

“The old Plantagenets brought us chains; the Tudors frowns and Scars,
The Stuarts brought us lives of shame; the Hanoverians wars;
But his brave man, with his strong arm, brought freedom to our Lives -
The best of Princes England had, was the Farmer of St. Ives”
(Lines on Oliver Cromwell in Ramsay Churchyard, Huntingdonshire,1848)

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