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Book Review

Book Review: Excursions of "Vanoc II"

 "I Am A Heretic," by "Vanoc II." (Peter Davies, 6/-.)

"Vanoc II' might easily be regarded among his contemporaries as the Iconoclast of Fleet Street, so ruthlessly has he written of all traditional bourgeois thought and custom. "I am a Heretic” comprises some of the many contributions which Vanoc made to the Sunday Referee, and those who read them at the time of their publication in that journal will, we think, readily read them again in their more permanent form. Vanoc wields a powerful pen and knows how to “get there” with a pungent broadside, and is ever-ready to “spike the enemy's guns” by the mere turn of the phrase.

Book Review: Labour's Way to Disaster

 "Labour’s Way to Plan Prosperity," David Grenfell, M.P. (Methuen, 2s. 6d.)

 The above is another of the series of superficial little books edited by the present leader of the Labour Party, which are, apparently, designed to show how little practical difference there is between the programme of that Party and that of the more “progressive" section of its opponents, i.e., the Liberals. Mr. Grenfell uses Socialist phrases in a loose way to criticise capitalism, but proposes nothing to which even a normally intelligent Conservative is liable to object, in principle.

“Under capitalism," we are told on page 18, “labour is hired to be exploited and to yield the maximum productive results at the minimum cost.

Book Review: How Christians Awoke to the Slaughter

  Arms and the Clergy, 1914-1918. By G. Bedborough. Price, 1s. (Pioneer Press, 64, Farringdon Street, E.C.4.)

Book Review: "Darkness at Noon"

Darkness at Noon by H. Carlisle (Jarrolds. 7s. 6d. net. 288 pages.)

 The central figure in this story of mining is a miner, called "Red."

 "Red" is no ordinary miner. Of great physical strength, he is much admired by his mates, chiefly because of his ability to earn double their wages; he is the champion hewer.

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