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Book Review: Marx's Daughter

The Life of Eleanor Marx. 1855-1898 A Socialist Tragedy by Chushicki Tsuzuki. (O.U.P. 45/-)
Born 16th January, 1855, Eleanor Marx was the sixth child of Karl Marx, co-founder of the scientific socialist movement. Marx took care to provide his daughters with the best education he could afford. Eleanor developed with unusual rapidity, at the age of nine writing letters to her uncle, Lion Philips, commenting on the international political situation.

Book Review: 'Karl Marx'

Another Life of Marx: Queues at Truth

'Karl Marx', by Otto Ruhle. (Translated by Eden & Cedar Paul. Allen & Unwin, 15s.)

Book Reviews: About Books

John Peter Altgeld and Clarence Darrow had much in common. Their lives overlapped and during the latter part of Altgeld’s life and the earlier part of Darrow’s they were close friends.

Book Review: 'Frederick Engels - A Biography'

'Frederick Engels: A Biography', by Gustav Mayer (Pub. Chapman fir Hall. 15s. 323 pages)

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