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Australian Labor Party

Socialism or Chaos

  The members of the Socialist Party of Australia are fewer in numbers than the members of the S.P.G.B. and they have a whole continent to operate upon. Truly a stupendous task. Our Australian comrades often reside so far away from one another that they are unable to meet and are only known to one another by written communication. To maintain an organisation under difficulties such as these is indeed a great task. To publish a monthly journal and other Socialist literature is a feat worthy of commendation.

 Their new pamphlet “Socialism or Chaos” is now to hand and we must compliment them on the production. It is a useful addition to a Socialist's library.

The Workers Under "Labour Rule."

 Lessons from Australia

The Australian Labour Party

The following extracts from a letter from a friend in South Australia may be of interest at the present moment:

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