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The Illusions of Anti-Militarists

 When the workers outside the Army, Navy, etc., are opposed to Socialist ideas, is it likely that those inside the armed forces will be more sympathetic to revolutionary influences? The answer is emphatically, no. The powerful influence of capitalist tuition on the civil population is plain. And the more powerful effect of capitalist tuition on those in the “forces" is plainer still.

'To The Advocates of Militarism'

'To The Advocates of Militarism'

    Compel them to come in, for there shall be

    A feast well-spread, to suit the taste of all-

    Ruin and pain and untold misery;

    The downward trend, the devastating fall,

    From every higher impulse; robes to wear

    Woven of fraud, hypocrisy and lies.

    Compel them to come in that all may share

    This wolfish feast of bloodstained infamies.

    Not yours the chains of slavery to break;

    You heed no woman's sorrows, no man's groans,

    No flag of freedom in the breeze unfurled.

    Your passion is destruction, you would make

    A world-wide graveyard full of dead men's bones.

Bebel and Hervé: German Party Leader As A Jingo

The "revolutionary" Bebel has again been distinguishing himself as a patriot, both in the Reichstag and in the Press. In the Reichstag he repudiated Liebknecht's book on anti-militarism, and to a French journalist he made an attack on the anti-militarist propaganda of Hervé.

The Times of 31st April reported that:--

"M. Jules Hedeman, of the Matin has seen Herr Bebel, the German Socialist leader, in Berlin, and obtained from him the following statement in writing upon Mr Hervé's anti-militarist propaganda in France:--

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