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How to use 'groups'

You can post a message to the group page by using the 'create group news' option once you are on the main page for a group.

'Broadcast' lets you send a message directly to the members of a group.

New feature to group pages

It is now possible to create polls and post them to groups. Use the 'creat poll' option in the top right box.

To do list

Find and correct missing links and images!!!

Article tidying up and tagging:

* Pamphlets

* Study Guides

* SS Archive


A-Z Marxism needs tidying a lot!

Tidy up taxonomy index!



* Forum buttons

* Float taxonomy images

* Print.tpl.php adjust


Modules and functionality:

* 'Add to any' button

* E mailing list

Raised on WSM Forum


This below was posted on the WSM_Forum. The second point (Observation) can it be addressed?



Does this replace WSM Forum or parallel it? Trevor (non-WSM) Observation:

In the one thread I did read (Occupy) I noticed entries follow sequentially, from old to new. That makes it cumbersome to remember where one leaves off.


Darren will you ensure Cde.Robert Stafford can access 'Scheduled Content'?

He usually gets the finished Standard from me before it is officially posted and makes contact with individuals featured in it .

He also does invaluable editing and catches a few bloomers before it goes out

Error still

i managed to put up the missing Pathfinders for August 2010 but still get an error  when attempting to re-edit as outline is incorrect.I realise you are still busy with it all.



The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Nodal uncertainty

I hate to pile it on but I keep getting messages with nodes specified which when clicked return a  search field which yields nil result.

I usually just then go into messages and find the post but this one below I cant see at all.,Where is the spam hiding?


Title: A View on the Crisis: Paul Mattick interview
Status: not published (marked as spam)

Error message

Trying to replace a missing August 2010 Pathfinders page which a comrade alerted us to, and getting this error message.

"Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 94371840 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 3659054 bytes) in /home/spgb/public_html/includes/ on line 235"

The page is temporarily housed under Socialist Standard but resists edititing now with the same error message as above.



Switch over


Was thinking to hold the switch over until the next issue of the standard is out. Going to do a dummy run with the database this week, but this won't make any visible changes to the site.

Would be good to give the scheduling feature a try before going live properly. Have you got the files yet Matt? Could you share them with us?

It's important that more URL redirects are done before then, including ones for the latest few issues of SS.

Sound like a good plan?

Latest tweaks

Just been tyding things up before the big move over which I'll attempt early next week.

I've added a new field to the 'book page' content type. Its called 'full page image' and it's for the cartoons to be added into. I've done two issues worth, if anyone else has time to transfer any in that would be great.

I've also added 'Free Lunch' as an option in the regulars pull down, any suggestions for others to add?

I've also added facebook share, tweet and google plus one buttons. Plus a 3D tag cloud...

Scheduled content

I've just added a 'view scheduled content' option to the navigation menu. This way you can easily view nodes that are awaiting publication. I've also added the title page for the next issue as an example.

Formula for working out SS issue numbers

When inputting historical articles from the standard it will sometimes
be necessary to work out the issue number from the year and month the
article was published.

This can be done with the following method.

Take the year that the article was published then subtract 1904.
Multiply this number by 12. This will give you the issue number for
August of that year. To get the exact issue number add or subtract
according to the list below.

January -7
February -6
March -5
April -4
May -3
June -2
July -1
August +0
September +1
October +2
November +3
December +4

For example, May 1912 is issue number 93
1912 - 1904 =  8
8 * 12 = 96
96 - 3 = 93

The correct way to add images

The correct way: upload an image using the button titled 'image' which is above the body field. Upload a large ish image drupal automatically resizes and place in article. The image will also be automatically resized depending on how it is viewed.

The absolutely wrong way: copying an image link for the existing site into the body field. Reason, once the new site is uploaded the image will be lost, why make work for ourselves in the future? The ability for images to be resized will be lost as well.

Inline images:  This option should be used and only be used when an image absolutely has to go inline in the body field, a diagram for example. Use only if there is no other choice as these images will not be automatically resized.

I'm correcting all the mistakes in the current standard, but at this stage I shouldn't really be having to.

Useful new feature

I've added a feature which allows content to be automatically published on a set date. Useful for entering brand new issues of the standard. Go to create content > book page and it's at the bottom of the page.


Broken Links

Broken links can be checked at the below link:

What is wrong with this?

There seems to be something I haven't done as the display here shows,

on the 'Tiny Tips' one, a <, instead of .


Any ideas?


I asked for an updated cove with Pharaohs spelled correctly but I have been waing 3 days now.

I'll put it up, if and when it does arive.

List of pamphlets with dates

SPGB Pamphlets 

1905 Manifesto of the Socialist Party of Great Britain (first edition) 

1906 Karl Kautsky: From handicraft to capitalism (first edition) missing

1907 Manifesto of the Socialist Party of Great Britain (second edition) 

1907 William Morris: Art, labour and socialism (first edition) missing

1908 Karl Kautsky: The capitalist class  

1908 Karl Kautsky: The working class (The proletariat)  

Today's news

Hi all,

I've invited Rob Whitfield to the Internet committee group on this site as he's been helping out a bit and would be useful if he could read these. Hope you don't mind Matt?

I've added a nice view to the year pages of socialist standard pages for example:

I've also added a sub-menu to the publications drop down, including a subscribe option at the bottom.

Noticed Rob has added a pamphlet on Miners strike, think this would look better without page numbers in it.

I've also deleted pages from the socialist standard which where about past meetings and schools. New meetings should be added as 'events' and old ones just clutter up the site.

Cheers guys!

Some notes


Friday 11 Feb

Added Socialism and Religion still to get page-links going.17.45.done most by 18.10. Still to get links to top of chapters and contents at the bottom of each chapter.Tea time first.

Moved the 'Introduction' to top of file in order that the display in 'Pamphlets' scrolled down better.Finished links and contents link added to bottom of each chapter.

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