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SPC Newsletter 1st September 2017

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SPC Newsletter 1st September 2017


Secretary's Report for September 2017

Email Report

- WSP (India) EC meeting minutes No. 178, Sunday, August 6, 2017, received with thanks.

- Autumn School, 7 October, Saturday, 2pm-7 pm: Subject: History of Universal Suffrage. Autumn Membership

Meeting 8 October, Sunday, 2pm-7pm.

- WSP (India) displaying 61 papers and 12 drafts, 15 book chapters, and 3 teaching documents.

Good of the Movement

- One introductory package and new member application sent out.

- Toronto Branch, Word-on-the-Street 2017 book festival. Location & date: Sunday, September 24, 2017 Harbourfront Centre | 11:00 am - 6:00 pm.

- SPC Toronto Branch public meeting, held 30 August 2017, 6:30pm to 8:30pm, The Second Cup Coffee House, 324 Bloor St W, Toronto.

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Assisted Suicide in Canada: What doctors think –

I will leave it up to the reader to look up the article but the main idea is the hesitation with assisting a person's wish to die. I have always been a pro-choice person and over the years my ideas did not change a bit. A system that extorts you to death, will keep you alive if it means more profit. They will keep you hooked up to a machine and make you breath even if you do not want to. That is, until the money or funding runs out. I am so over with the sentimental, religious or pro-life approach. If a person does not want to participate in this system or society anymore, instead of finding it horrible/unbearable/unbelievable, just honour the person's wish at least. People get told what they should believe in, how they should live and how they should die, how they should love and even how they should make love. It is time that society honours each person's wish as at least a small step towards respecting self-determination. Capitalism is the arch-enemy of self-determination even though the rhetoric sounds like it is pro-choice. Pro-profit it is and it will remain until we toss it into history's graveyard and put a stick through its heart so that it does not rise from death. Socialism is pro-choice and socialists respect people's right to self-determination.

● An article in the Canadian Jewish News of July 20, by Ron Csillag (RCSILLAG@THECJN.CA), repudiates the claim, made in the book “Canada and the Global Community,” published by Nelson Education Ltd., that Israel uses child soldiers. 195 countries have adopted the UN Convention of the rights of the child, which forbids the use of children, under 15, in armed conflicts, the book added. It also sail that since 2000, child soldiers, most of whom were kidnapped and forced to fight, were used in armed conflicts in more than 20 countries, including Afghanistan, Colombia, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Mali and Yemen. Of course it is horrifying that children should be allowed to fight in wars, whether forced or not, but isn’t it also horrifying that adults should fight too? So why not abolish war? And if that isn’t possible within capitalism, then abolish that A.S.A.P.

● Recently I was excused jury duty by expressing the socialist position in relation to the entire legal apparatus, which by itself would not be worthy of mention. What is was the fact that in a room full with about 250 prospective jurors, an approximate quarter filled in forms requesting they be excused. Admittedly some of their reasons may not be commendable, like racist ones for example, but nevertheless it is heartening to see so many people reluctant to help capitalism's legal Joe boys administrate the stinking system.

● Our British comrades make some valid points in their editorial in the August issue of Socialist Standard, regarding the fire at London’s Grenfell tower. ‘Why, people wanted to know was there only one fire exit in a building of 120 flats; an exit frequently blocked by rubbish, including old mattresses, which the council did not remove.” And how about this gem. “…tower blocks for rich people have multiple exit points, sprinkler systems and efficient fire proofing. A similar fire that swept through Dubai’s plush Torch Tower in 2015, yielded no casualties at all.” No further comment needed.

● Also in the same issue, when commenting on the war in the Yemen, we read, “…around 1,000 children die every week from preventable diseases like diarrhea and respiratory infections.” And this is all because of the continuation of capitalism. How many better reasons can here be to abolish it?

Father denounces ‘twisted worldview’ of son who attended neo-Nazi riots in US

Reading this article reminded me how my father used to talk about racism and people's self-determination. From the earliest ages, I remember him saying "People are your brothers and sisters regardless of their birthplace, their colour, their faith and their social status." And he always lived according to principles of socialism at home and outside as far as I could observe. I think the best gift any socialist father can leave to their children is a profound love of humanity so that the new generation get a chance to save themselves from the mistakes of the past generations. A good step towards: One world, one people!

● Now how can one keep the Toronto Transit Commission out of the news? The latest is that the T.T.C.’s para transit service wheel-trans is now hiring taxis to carry the disabled. “But,” you may cry, “taxis don’t have the equipment.” Quiet true, but they cost the T.T.C. $20.00 a trip compared to 50% for a wheel-trans bus. Hey! We live under capitalism pal.

● The recent movie, “Dunkirk” certainly qualifies to be included in the obscene and heard department. Its directing is taut, the acting is good, but nevertheless it is sickening to see boys being murdered for attempting to further the interests of capitalism. Sickening also to read the comments of the reviewer in the Toronto Star July 29 “…best treatment of a dive bomber attack circa, 1940 that I have ever seen.” Well, whoope-de-doo, lets all go on a 3 week bender to celebrate. The most telling comment is when an army officer asks a naval one, why the navy won’t come and help evacuate 340,000 soldiers stranded on the beach and receives an honest reply. “They” need the ships to fight other battles. The  translation being, “the capitalist class don’t give a crap about the lives of thousands of people.” As it was, private individuals using pleasure craft got them off.

● ‘I’m not the angry racist they see’: Alt-Righter became viral face of hate in Virginia — and now regrets it –

Right! All the Nazi officers said they regretted their past actions during the trials. If you ask me, if a person can commit such grave atrocity towards their fellow humans, even once, regret does not absolve them of their crime. Yet the issue is not with individual acts, but the deep current of racist buildup in today's society's veins. Until we clear it, it will keep poisoning new minds. And that is why we are here in SPC. Trying hard to spread the light of socialism as an inclusive and sustainable future for all human kind.

● In, Lemmings don’t Leap, by Edwin Moore, Chambers, 2006, the author demolishes popular myths, one of which is the Wild West, which wasn’t very wild. Sure there were shoot outs on main street but not to the extent we’ve been told. In Dodge City’s worse year for killing, only 5 were shot, Tombstone also had 5, and Deadwood 4. Quiet a difference from movies that show the dead littering the street, but, and this is a sad reflection on capitalism – its violence that sells product.

● In “Women and the Vote,” by Jad Adams, Oxford University Press, 2014, the author analyses women’s struggle for the vote all over the world. The one common trend, which permeates the book, is the main reason they got the vote was they proved their loyalty to their country; really meaning the local capitalist class. Pretty sickening isn’t it? We in the S.P.C stand for a society where nobody has to campaign for equality as it will be a given.

● Too many people view politicians as stupid, corrupt or both. Though in the SPC, we realise some are, we don’t dwell on it too much, as it would be tantamount to saying, “if they weren’t a bunch of jerks, everything under capitalism would be peachy-dandy.” Well, we have our doubts about that.

● Some are well meaning and, as I was once a member of a pro-capitalist party, I can speak from experience. One such person is Al Gore, who, though no longer in office, carries some weight. Watching him interviewed promoting his new movie, “An inconvenient sequel: Truth to Power.” One definitely feels he is really concerned about the effects of global warming. Gore makes various suggestions how this can be eliminated and to an extent it can be slowed down within capitalism, but never stopped. Gore is oblivious to the fact that the government making decisions concerning global warming are responding to the needs of capitalism in the countries they represent. Does anyone seriously think Trump gives a damn about the effects of it, and he isn’t the only one. We in the SPC do not sneer at the well known paradigm of good intentions, which could be a very fine thing if one translates those intentions into working for a society where global warming won’t exist.

● A federally funded study, conducted by researchers at the university of Guelph, Ontario, and commissioned by the Canadian Food Inspection agencu, early in August, found that 20% of sausages sold, across Canada contained meats that weren’t on the label. Some of the supposedly pure pork sausages contained horse meat. Of 20 chicken sausages, four also contained Turkey and one also had beef. Five of the 15 Turkey sausages had no turkey at all and were entirely chicken. Though edible the advertising was false, which indicated a breakdown in food processing, or intentional fraud. One can hardly wonder that fraud exists under capitalism. The whole damn system itself is a gigantic fraud.

The Negative Association between Religiousness and Children’s Altruism across the World – Current Biology (2015) -

This study was conducted in six countries: Canada, China, Jordan, Turkey, USA and South Africa. Thus it seems like the participants must have been pretty diverse. Results support a few important trends: Children from religious families tend to behave less altruistic; religious parents report that religion makes their children sensitive to injustices and empathy; children from religious homes have harsher punitive tendencies. Religion must be taken out of public space and people below 18 should not be allowed access. Young minds are not able to differentiate myth from truth. This is not because they are any less developed than older individuals. It is because they are pure and must be taught topics and behaviours that are geared towards creating a society that can act together in harmony: one that is inclusive and respectful to self-determination. Religion proved many times that it is not the means to a better world.

● A federally funded study, conducted by researchers at the university of Guelph, Ontario, and commissioned by the Canadian Food Inspection agencu, early in August, found that 20% of sausages sold, across Canada contained meats that weren’t on the label. Some of the supposedly pure pork sausages contained horse meat. Of 20 chicken sausages, four also contained Turkey and one also had beef. Five of the 15 Turkey sausages had no turkey at all and were entirely chicken. Though edible the advertising was false, which indicated a breakdown in food processing, or intentional fraud. One can hardly wonder that fraud exists under capitalism. The whole damn system itself is a gigantic fraud.

● On August 4, the Toronto Star, reported prices, in the Toronto Real Estate market, were in decline for the third consecutive month. This means the average cost of a home dropped from $ 919,000 to $746,000. The signs are this will continue. So some bought high and regret not waiting a little longer. Some whose house was paid for, saw it lose value. Some can’t afford the down payment despite the drop and rent at exorbitant prices. Of course some are free to be homeless. One thing is for sure dear reader, you may believe in capitalism, if you see unfit, but it’ll screw you one way or another.

● Canadian capitalists are worried about the clown in the White House doing harm to NAFTA and have urged Justin Trudeau not to let him. “What I hear from the business community is for NAFTA to be trilateral,” said Perrin Beatty, president and chief executive of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Canadian capitalists exported $355 billion in manufactured goods in 2016, with more than 80% going to NAFTA countries, according the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, (CME). So you can bet they don’t want numb nuts wrecking everything for them. Though in the final analysis its capitalism itself that is crazy, not Trump. One could para-phrase Oliver Hardy and, “Say capitalism this is another fine mess you’ve got yourself into.”

4,000 Elders: Canada to host first-ever historic gathering of Indigenous elders -

This great event is to take place at the Edmonton Expo on Sept 11-14. A government's foremost duty is to serve the peoples it represents. Canada failed to serve its indigenous population over the years. Recent period proves that there are improvements in some areas although racist attacks and persecution towards Indigenous Peoples in many towns and cities in Canada continues even to this day. Socialists have been known to build solidarity with indigenous communities around them. After all, no one can emancipate alone, it must be a collective effort. Salute to 4,000 Elders from SPC.

● Haitians are fleeing to Canada from the U.S. in fear of being deported to Haiti, now the Trump administration is considering ending the temporary protected status program. At a news conference on August 3, Quebec Immigration Minister, Kathleen Weil said there were roughly 50 requests for asylum a day, between July 1 and July 19 and now it is about 150 a day. She said Quebec had already received 6,500 asylum seekers by the end of June and is on track to have 12,000 by the end of the year. Of course it will be difficult for federal and provincial governments to find them jobs and houses. Montreal’s Olympic Stadium has been set up to accommodate as many as 600 until mid-September. Another of the many crazy situations which capitalism by its very nature throws up.

● On August 4, Stats Canada revealed the unemployment rate in Canada had fallen in July from 65% to 6.3, which was its lowest since the financial crisis of 2008. The next day the press was jubilant; the Toronto Star said “It was one of the lowest rates we’ve seen in the last 2 decades.” Ontario Economic Development Minister, Brad Dueuid, was no less ecstatic, “The numbers show Ontario’s economy continues to grow at an impressive rate.” What these celebrants fail to realise is that there still “is” unemployment, which “is” a symptom of capitalism and will always exist, no matter how it fluctuates, within capitalism.

● We’ve all heard of North Korea’s threats to send a nuclear missile to America and Trump’s “Locked and Loaded,” reply. Many may ask, “But why would capitalists anywhere risk a nuclear war with its American competitors? That would be insanity gone ballistic.” To answer a question with one – since when have sanity and capitalism gone hand in hand?

● Between the time of writing this (August 7), and the time you read it, this information may be old news, because any day Donald Trump may do something bizarre. The questions many are asking non are, “Did Russian businessmen and/or gangsters, (and sometimes the difference is blurred), connive to get trump elected, and if so was he aware of it? We of the SPC say that for the working class of the U.S., and elsewhere, it doesn’t matter, because whoever gets elected, and however they get elected, the fundamentals of capitalism remain intact, which cause their problems. Can anyone imagine Hillary advocating Capitalism's abolition? Of course the situation regarding Trump is crazy, Meshigana or Bonkers, call it what you will, but what else can we expect when the very basics of capitalism are crasy? The vast majority of the world’s people create its wealth and docilely and legally hand it over to a small minority. From this point all many of nutty things flow.

Unlearning the myth of American innocence -

It is hard to summarize this article but it provides great insight into introspective reflection of an American who lives in Turkey. Living or visiting other parts of the world has been becoming more difficult for Americans itseems. This, of course, has a lot to do with American foreign policy. I guess no one has told them ever that there is a better system that intends to remove all barriers between and within people. Socialism is the only sustainable and truly democratic future. Don't fail to consider it!

● The white supremacist riots in Virginia on August 11-12, which is what they were, even if they said it was a rally, show that prejudice is alive and ill under capitalism. Some of the white nationalists cited Trump’s victory as validation for their beliefs and his critics pointed to his racially tinged rhetoric as increasing America’s racial tension. Furthermore he wasn’t in a hurry to make a public comment about it; though the most amazing comment was from Jesse Jackson, “We are in a very dangerous place right now.” Life under capitalism is always dangerous. Hey Jess, wake up and smell the stink.

● Though most of the items in this report say in effect capitalism sucks, it need not be that way. The establishment of socialism will bring in a world of peace, prosperity, harmony and a pollution free environment. So why not organise for it and put capitalism in the trash bin of history.

- Recent Reading -

“The Lost City of Z” by David Grann Doubleday, 2009, recounts the authors attempt to find exactly what happened to explorer Percy Fancett, who disappeared while trying to find ancient cities in the Amazon jungles. Though Grann was unsuccessful, he did succeed in finding the cities. Grann quotes a spokesperson for the Brazilian Transport Ministry that “loggers on road B R 163, employ the highest concentration of slave labour in the world.” Grann notes that Indians are frequently driven off their land, enslaved, or murdered. So despite the tremendous advances we’ve made in our technology nothing fundamentally changes in life itself, but under capitalism how can it? What I can also recommend by Mr. Grann is his most recent work, “Killers of the Flower Moon,” Doubleday. Grann describes the shock U.S. capitalists received when, having forced the Osage Indians onto some barren land in Oklahoma, they become overnight millionaires when oil was discovered there. Like, “How are we gonna steal it from them now we’ve made them the legal owners?”

For socialism, Steve, Mehmet, John & all contributing members of the SPC.

Socialist literature for your further interest

- WSP (India) History of Economics: A Scientigfic Investigation into the Political Economy and Its Swindler 'Economics' published. 50.00 Rupees/CD$1-1.50. Contact E-mail:; Website: for more information to purchase.

- Red Lion Press:

Revolutionary Socialist: Life of the Socialist Party of Canada and the OBU, 1910-1922.

 Fred Casey's Thinking: An Introduction To Its History and Science.

Method in Thinking: An Introduction to Dialectics.

Costs: $3 for Pritchard, $6 each for the Casey's plus postage costs. Contact E-mail: or enquire with the publisher:

- An eight hour two thumbs up reading of Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell

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