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SussexSocialist (not verified)

Interesting. So despite the 'jeopardy' and 'parlousness' of the situation, it would appear that even more people attended than normal and branch activities continue apace? Glad that wasn't over-egged and usurped by a needless pre-meeting forum row then........

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Four members attended, one probably for the last time.  Hardly a comfortable situation particularly as those present heard that another member is on the point of transferring out of the branch.  The stalwarts, with the help of an ardent supporter, will continue to keep things ticking over, at least for the time being...........

I know nothing of any "pre-meeting forum row".  Were you involved in one then?

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Minutes of the 5th Meeting of the Kent & Sussex Regional branch of the Socialist Party of Great Britain held on 11th March 2012

The meeting started at 3:10pm and was held at the Muggleton Inn, High Street, Maidstone, Kent

Present: Paul Hope (Branch Secretary/Organiser), Rob Cox (Branch Treasurer), Ed Mann (Chair), Dave Chesham (Literature Secretary) Visitor: Hannah Dutton   Apologies: Andy Thomas, Marie Chesham, DH.

1. Minutes of the 4th Meeting dated 12th February 2012 read out

Motion 1. D. Chesham & Cox “That these minutes are a correct record and that they be adopted”  AGREED

2. Matters arising from the branch minutes (numbered below)

3. Re Item 7 Head Office Router – EC reply

“Please be advised that the Executive Committee considered your resolution at its 3 March meeting, and resolved to inform you that Cde Mark Lansbury is dealing with the matter of the Head Office router.”  NOTED

4. Re item 8 Head Office Organiser – EC reply

“Please be advised that the Executive Committee considered your resolution at its 3 March meeting. The EC subsequently resolved to ask the Head Office Organiser to delegate, in accordance with the Head Office Organiser's Terms of Reference, to other comrades to be at Head Office on days that he is not there.”  NOTED

5. Nominations for Internet Department & Advertising Department

Both Mark Lansbury and Darren Poynton have accepted the branch's nominations to the Internet and Advertising Departments respectively.

Motion 2. D.Chesham & Mann “That Cde D. Poynton be nominated to the Advertising Department, and Cde M. Lansbury be nominated to the Internet Department”  AGREED

6. Future of Branch

"It is with considerable regret that I write on the matter of the branch's future, less than six months after its inception. Our Secretary and Branch Organiser, Comrade Paul Hope, for personal reasons, will be moving to Spain in the very near future. Paul has been one of the branch's mainstays and faultless attendees of meetings ever since the branch was formed last September.

In addition, Comrade Marie Chesham, suffered a fall within the past week which has left her with two fractures of the vertebral column.

Without these two comrades, in Marie's case hopefully only a temporary absence, it is difficult to see how the branch can continue to function as a viable unit of the party."

The three other members present at the meeting indicated that they wished to keep the Branch together for as long as possible.  NOTED

7. Report of the Committee set up to analyse Party finances

The committee was set up as a result of a Conference 2011 resolution: “Conference instructs the EC to prepare a report analyzing the finances of the Party and its future sustainability.” The report covers the period 2004-2011 and aims at presenting the finances in an easy to assimilate format, which estimates how long the Party has before its funds run low, and to draw conclusions and points of discussion.

Motion 3. Hope & Cox “That member’s study the ‘Party finance report’ and formulate questions in preparation for this year’s conference, and in reference to Item 20 on the Conference Final Agenda" (Item for discussion Lancaster branch) “Should we establish a cap on annual expenditure?”.  AGREED

8. Matters arising from the EC Minutes of the 3rd Meeting, 3rd March 2012

RE: EC Motion 7 – Head Office Party Sign on shop front

“Shannon and Lambert moved that competitive quotes be sought for replacing the Party Sign” Carried 6 for, 1 against, 2 Abstentions.

Motion 4. D.Chesham & Hope “Can the EC inform the branch who will be obtaining the competitive quote for the shop front sign, as the EC resolution does not state this, and that the EC shares this information with other branches"  AGREED

9. Branch Treasurer – Form ‘C’

The branch treasurer Cde Cox produced the completed Form ‘C’ for conference. The form ‘C’ needs to be formally adopted in order that the branch delegate(s) can sit at conference. The period covers 1st January to 31st December. The first branch statement submitted covers from the foundation of the branch to 31st December 2011, and has very few transactions.

Motion 5. Mann & D.Chesham “That our appointed auditors Cde Mann and Cde D. Chesham checked the branch statement and submitted the Form C to conference”      Carried 4-0

10. Branch Treasurer – Supporting statement for the motion below

"With hindsight the resolution appears to give members the impression that dues are to be paid annually in April, whereas Rule 2 states that members “shall pay £5 per calendar month”. While there is no reason a member could not pay annually in advance, I don’t think we can insist on that in any way. The Form 'C' which the Branch has to submit to the EC each year, under rule 9, is to report on membership and finances for the year to 31st December. The form needs to be audited and formally adopted by the Branch. It would therefore seem sensible for the Branch to use that as its normal accounting date. Rolling the first (partial) year of operation into the first complete year is an accepted accounting practice, and would be sensible as we have very few transactions for 2011, which can easily be identified separately on the form 'C'."

Motion 6. Cox & Hope “That the 2nd sentence of the 3rd resolution of the 3rd meeting of the branch (08/01/12, item 5, “membership”) be rescinded; That the first financial year of account for the Branch shall run from its date of foundation and end on the 31st day of December 2012; That subsequently (to above) the financial year of the Branch shall be 1st January to 31st December.” AGREED

11. Branch Treasurer – Membership Dues

The treasurer reported on the situation regarding the dues, and mentioned that only one member had not yet responded. A member of the branch will follow this up informally.  NOTED

12. Literature Secretary - reported on SS sales, etc. since our inception  NOTED
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       13. Propaganda - Kent & Sussex stall –Gillingham High Street - Sat 17th March from 12 noon to 3pm

We have now got together a literature display stand, full of various SS, pamphlets and leaflets. Rob Cox has a table to bring along to stand this on. So far we have Paul Hope, Rob Cox and Hannah Dutton interested in supporting the stall for three hours on a Saturday. We felt it better we have the stall during milder weather in March. Please would all confirm attendance nearer the day, in case of inclement weather  AGREED

14. Propaganda Meetings at Head Office

For your information the following meetings will take place at The Socialist Party of Great Britain HO at 52 Clapham High Street London SW4 7UN

Sunday 18th March, 3.00 pm
Speaker: Pat Deutz

Sunday 1 April, 3.00 pm
Speaker: Paddy Shannon                                                                                                                                                                     

Saturday 14 April, 3.00pm                                                                                                                                                                   THE CONSUMER                                                                                                                                                                          Speaker: Glenn Morris

Saturday 28 April, 4.00pm                                                                                                                                                       ELECTION MEETING

Please note the earlier starting times for these meetings. A warm welcome awaits if you are able to come any of these meetings. There will be opportunity to take part in discussion, and also to enjoy an informal chat over refreshments.

15. Conference 2012 – Friday 6th April and Saturday 7th April at Head Office from 10.30am each day

Motion 7. Hope & Chesham “That the following delegates are appointed to Conference: - R. Cox, D. Chesham, E. Mann and P. Hope”  AGREED

16. Final Agenda for the 108th Annual Conference

The delegates have been requested to read through the Conference Agenda, and the Reports of Party Officers and the EC. Then discuss these online via email beforehand, so a consensus on the items can be met between the branch delegates.

17. Branch Meeting dates

15th April, May 13th, June 10th, July 15th (please note that the first and last dates are third Sundays in the month)

Meeting adjourned at 6.45pm

J Surman
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Comrade Marie Chesham, suffered a fall within the past week which has left her with two fractures of the vertebral column.


Dave, Please give Marie my, and Alan's, very best wishes for a speedy recovery and a pain-free convalescence.


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J Surman wrote:

Dave, Please give Marie my, and Alan's, very best wishes for a speedy recovery and a pain-free convalescence.


Many thanks, Janet; much appreciated.  Just returned from the hospital where Marie's been for the past two weeks.....

Thanks also to all those comrades who have either sent 'get well' cards or otherwise conveyed their best wishes.

Any chance of you and Alan returning to Kent?   smiley

J Surman
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J Surman wrote:
Any chance of you and Alan returning to Kent?   smiley


Would we get appearance money?

Seriously, even if we wanted to, and we don't, couldn't afford it - we're economic migrants.

But see you in July at Harborne.


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J Surman wrote:

But see you in July at Harborne.


Look forward..........cheeky

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Branch meets this coming Sunday (15th) at 3.00pm.   Same place.

All welcome



1. Election of chair and new branch secretary.

2. Adoption of previous meeting's minutes (including proposed amendment to motion 5).

3. Matters arising from previous minutes.

i) Future of Branch (including proposal to change meeting date).

ii) Head Office party sign.

iii) Branch financial affairs.

iv) Gillingham stall (report and future activity).

4. Consideration of EC minutes.

5. SS monthly order from HO.

6. New members in Sussex.

7. Future propaganda activities (including possible SPEW debate).

8. HO propaganda meetings (including GLA electoral activity).

9. Conference report and voting (special branch meeting).

10. Summer School.

11. Any other business (including notice of motion by Rob Cox)

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Minutes of the 6th Meeting of the Kent & Sussex Regional branch of The Socialist
Party of Great Britain held on 15th April 2012

The meeting started at 3.00pm and was held at the Muggleton Inn, High Street, Maidstone, Kent

Present: Dave Chesham (Literature Secretary), Marie Chesham, Rob Cox (Treasurer), Ed Mann (Chair)
Apologies: Hannah Dutton, Paul Hope, Glenn Morris, DH.

1. Emigration of branch secretary

Motion 1. Cox & Mann "That D.Chesham be appointed branch secretary pro tem and that Paul Hope be contacted and thanked for his past services as branch secretary"

2. Minutes of the 5th Meeting dated 11th March 2012 were before the meeting

Rob Cox presented an amendment to Motion 5 "That as our appointed auditors comrades Mann and D.Chesham have checked the branch records and signed the completed Form 'C', it be adopted for submission to Head Office"

Motion 2. D.Chesham & Mann "That the minutes, as amended above, be adopted"

3. Matters arising from the previous minutes

i) Future of Branch  
There was a proposal from a branch member not present to change the date of the monthly meeting

Motion 3.  D.Chesham & Mann "That the branch meet on the first Sunday of the month until further notice and that the next meeting be held on May 6th; same venue and time"

ii) Head Office party sign  -  response from EC                                            

Motion 4.  (to the EC)  Cox & Mann "We welcome the quotes that comrade D.Lambert has obtained and request that the artwork for the proposed new sign be uploaded onto the website forum together with examples of the different types of signs being quoted for in order to facilitate feedback from branches."

iii) Branch financial affairs  All members dues are now accounted for      
iv) Gillingham Stall   A report was given of the literature stall in Gillingham High Street on March 24 & 31.  Some copies of the Socialist Standard and a couple of pamphlets were sold.  Back numbers of the SS and leaflets were given away.  Contact was made with two members from SPEW

Rob Cox volunteered to make a reconnaissance of suitable areas in Canterbury where a literature stall may be sited and to report back to the next branch meeting

4. EC minutes of the 4th Meeting, 31st March 2012                                  

5. SS monthly order from HO

Motion 5. D.Chesham & Mann "That the branch's monthly SS order be reduced to 10 copies"

6. New members in Sussex

It was brought to the branch's attention that there had recently been two new members to the party who reside in Sussex.  In the first case it appears that the member concerned was given a choice of joining either Kent and Sussex Regional branch or Central branch.  The member chose the latter. In the second case it appears that the member concerned was allocated to Kent & Sussex without being offered a choice.  Both members live about 40 miles from the venue where K&S meet.

Motion 6.  (to the EC)  Cox & Mann "This branch welcomes the discussion that took place at Conference regarding the processing of membership applications via HO and the method of allocation of new members to branches.  We look forward to more and earlier consultation with branches regarding individual applications.  If choice is offered to new members regarding the branch they be allocated to, that such choice be an informed one"

7. Future propaganda activities

Following our encounter with two members of SPEW in Gillingham Ed Mann agreed to approach the organisation with a view to arranging a possible debate.  He also volunteered to contact various anarchist groups.  Rob Cox said he would enquire about meeting rooms at the University of Kent in Canterbury. There then followed a general discussion about possible other activities.

8. Head Office propaganda meetings

For your information the following meetings will take place at The Socialist Party of Great Britain's premises at 52 Clapham High Street, London SW4 7UN over the next couple of months.

Saturday 28 April, 4.00pm
Come and meet and question our candidates to the Greater London Assembly

Sunday 13 May, 3.00pm
Speaker: Mike Foster

Sunday 27 May, 3.00pm
Speaker: Keith Scholey

Sunday 10 June, 3.00pm
Speaker: Gwynn Thomas

Sunday 24 June, 3.00pm
Speaker: Bill Martin

Please note the day and earlier starting time for the May and June meetings

9. Conference report and voting

It was agreed that the next branch meeting on May 6th be deemed a specially summoned meeting to discuss Conference items for discussion and amendments to rules prior to voting on same

10. Summer School

It was reported that three branch members and one supporter had booked for the Summer School in Birmingham this year; the theme being 'Protest'.

11. Any other business

Notice of motion regarding members' dues - Rob Cox

Supporting Statement for the motion below:-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             "It came to the notice of branch officers in the last few weeks that an amendment of rule concerning the remittance of dues to Head Office had been made early in 2011.  Although intended to change the proportion of dues to be remitted from 80% to 100%, due to the wording of the amendment, the effect was to remove from the rules any automatic obligation on branches to emit any dues to Head Office,  Subsequently, the EC asked branches to (continue) to remit 80%, and a motion was tabled at this year's Conference which, if carried, will formalise that. If the latter is voted down there will be continued uncertainty.  It is my opinion that unless either Conference, ADM or the EC suggest otherwise, we should agree to what I consider to be the reasonable suggestion of the EC that 80% be remitted, and should the remaining funds available to the branch be insufficient to meet our agreed activities, we ask the EC for assistance."

MOTION 7. Cox & D.Chesham

"That, irrespective of the vote on 2012 Conference motion 21, until further consideration the branch Treasurer shall remit 80% of all dues collected to Head Office, in accordance with the suggestion of the Executive Committee (motion 14, 2 July 2011)"

Meeting adjourned at 6.00pm

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Branch meets this coming Sunday (May 6th).  Same time and place.

All welcome



Election of chair

Election of Branch Secretary

Adoption of minutes of previous meeting

Consideration of Conference motions and amendments to rules prior to the ballot

Matters arising from minutes:-

Future of Branch

SPEW debate? and other contacts made (Ed)

Socialist Party stall in Canterbury (Rob)

EC minutes

Branch propaganda meetings

HO propaganda meetings

Summer school in Birmingham

Workshop weekend in Lancaster

Any other business

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