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Posts removed by the Internet Committee will be posted here
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Tim Kilgallon wrote:


I suppose, to some extent I can see your point, perhaps those who have limited face to face communication skills and choices, may make use of internet based communication. Personally I prefer talking to human beings and being able to read nuance and irony from their communication styles, however if a person has a problem with interpersonal communication (and I'm not impying that anyone using these tools necessarily has these difficulties) I suppose I can see their uses. I can see how it might save them from being lonely, isolated, friendless, I guess. I find it difficult to comment on these issues, I have a social life.




howh  lad ! Cheeky Geordie git. I use the forums and I am not friendless. I have friend called ADam, played for Sunderland oooopps

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Comrade Marratty, Had I known you had used words like Hell, I would never have supported you. You disgust me, you foul mouthed young reprobate!

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Reprobate and foul mouthed I admit with pride but Young?? lol

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If you have any further problems with swearing, I can refer you to the offices of my solicitors messers Hadaway and Shite

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Tim have you noticed the Mod 1 removing posts?

I used the word Git.