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lindanesocialist wrote:

My posts have been removed on the Free speech and criticism thread.  Am I missing something

Post removed from 'Free speach and criticism'Mon, 25/04/2016 - 9:18pm#42lindanesocialistOnlineJoined:28/03/2016Send PM

lindanesocialist wrote:

Cde vin maratty has no right to reply to the criticisms

He has been suspended by the three members making the criticisms; members of the Internet Committee

Doesn’t this give credibility to the claim made in the OP?

And yet on the thread in question some 16 minutes earlier you wrote:

lindanesocialist wrote:
As a member is being attacked and unable to defend himself, I posted an example of his 'disruptruptive and abusive behaviour'

On reflection Mod1 you were correct in removing it as it restores the balance of the thread.


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To draw attention to the deleted post because mod1 made no metion of it. Had I asked directly in a critical manner I will have received a warning. I am surprised you did not recognise the sarcasm. The 'balance' was  restored in favour of 4 IC member against Vin who cannot respond

Vin's suspensions have been for questions to the moderator. 


But your question/observation  will be put to the branch I'm sure.

Joined: 28/03/2016

I also have a complaint against a member of this branch


if we wish to wast our time

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