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Agenda for NERB eMeeting to be held between 29th - 31st Jan 2016

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Tim Kilgallon wrote:

The difficulty is not, not knowing who is on the committee, but rather the problem of working out who is posting responses when the user name doesn't identify them or connect their contribution to a particular member. 


Do you know who 'admin' is? I always found it spooky and  Orwellian.  Still do. Because he or she has a personal account as well, which of course is against the 'rules'


8. Do not register or operate more than one account without first obtaining permission from the moderators. Do not share your password with others or allow anyone else to use your account. 

I am sure that you have read  Animal Farm? 

Then there is this rule 

9. Do not vandalise or tamper with the forums in order to deface them, to impersonate or deny access to others, or to evade the enforcement of these rules.

Breached by moderators in the past. 


Not assertions but a matter of record

Admin and moderators break the rules by posting on this part of the forum uninvited:


5. Members have the right to attend at meetings of Branches other than their own, and speak with the permission of the Branch, but shall not have the right to vote thereat. 

Party rule book

edit: The IC can see our minutes but we can't have access to theirs

'Admin' and 'mod1' are both members of the IC, same members who are hanging on to the twitter account that the branch requested 

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