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Agenda for NERB eMeeting to be held between 23rd and 25th Jan 2015

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Vin (not verified)

Branch eMeeting has started at…/groups/NERBranchSPGB-WSM/info





Vin (not verified)

steve colborn wrote:

To all my fellow Branch members, it has been said;

3. It is the opinion of the committee that moderation of the "Branches" section of the forum should be the responsibility of the branches concerned. Therefore you will be free to discuss whatever you wish in that section. Moderators will only intervene at the request of a branch.

4. You are hereby reminded to study and abide by the forum rules so that this situation does not arise in the future.


Branch Comrades, I have no trust in the above, nor in the committe to follow it through. I will not take part in a "Branch meeting", that is in any way, shape, or form under the auspices or jurisdiction of the I.C. even though it has been said that "moderation of the "Branches" section of the forum should be the responsibility of the branches concerned".

I therefore, once again, state that we should hold "our" Branch meeting on the NERB yahoo site, no matter how onerous this should prove to be!!!

Let me know other members thoughts before the meeting! Regardless, I will not take part in a Branch meeting on this site.


Steve Colborn


I have to agree with you cde. A non member is allowed to attack me and break rules 14 and 15. against me without moderation. As you know I was refused back into the party for breaking these rules and I am still bound by them. I  never understood what was going on and  still don't . Maybe there is something I have not been told. But preference on this forum is now given to non members. The IC can say what it  like but the evidence is overwhelming.  

It seems like my respect level is well below LBird


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