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IWW Organising London

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IWW Organising London
West London Rising Up: Public meeting to kick off IWW warehouse campaign

When: Sunday, September 17th, 4:00 pm
Where: The May Day Rooms (88 Fleet Street)

The London branch of the Industrial Workers of the World is planning an ambitious organising drive, focusing on a series of warehouses/food processing plants in West London. The campaign will be run in conjunction with the Angry Workers of the World, a group which already has an active workplace presence in the area.

Given the scale of the initiative, the IWW is inviting anyone with organsing experience or just a bit of free time to get involved – so whether you're an experienced union rep, a radical student, or just looking to cut your teeth on a dedicated industrial campaign, get involved!

In particular, the campaign is looking for people who can help with translation (Eastern European or South Asian languages in particular) or people who can spare a bit of time each week to come out to West London to flyer, talk to workers, and just generally help lay the groundwork for a successful campaign.

To kick things off, the IWW and the AWW are hosting a public meeting on Sunday the 17th of September at the May Day Rooms at 4:00. All are invited, so please share widely.

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