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"The World For The Workers"

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"The World For The Workers"
Following is a discussion on the page titled: "The World For The Workers".
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Taken from the Socialist Standard Past & Present blog -

"From Robert Barltrop's 'The Monument':

    "One other publication of the time failed to find success. At the Executive Committee one night Hans Neumann stood on the table in his tail-coat and sang the revolutionary song he had composed: The World for the Workers. It was advertized in the Socialist Standard as a 'four-part song—S, A, T, B—complete with pianoforte accompaniment and Tonic-Solfa setting'. Underlying its performance was the hope that it might oust The Red Flag and The Internationale, but it did not catch on even in the Party itself. Not many people wrote for copies, and it died in a year or two despite the renderings by the Paddington Branch Choir at meetings and social gatherings . . . " (page 32)

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How about this for our animation enthusiasts?

or this

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