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The Non-Party Political Broadcast

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The Non-Party Political Broadcast
Following is a discussion on the page titled: The Non-Party Political Broadcast.
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Vin (not verified)

Do we not have a better video than this for our front page? Yawn

Vin (not verified)

I think this one would be better:

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Perhaps it might be if you could hear the questions clearly...maybe we should add sub-titles to it...i think that is easily done, isn't it?

But i actually disagree...Paddy's clip from Kid Stuff video, i rather like and prefer

But we should have a much wider choice of similar short clips and those should be rotated about on our website home-page...

Why are we so slow in creating videos or flash animations....come next years elections or pending euro referendum, we'll be panicking at the last moment to produce something new and ending up probably re-hashing the old stuff we have got. 

What do they say...people don't tend fix roofs on sunny days...

"I have no country to fight for; my country is the Earth, and I am a citizen of the World." - Eugene V. Debs

Vin (not verified)

alanjjohnstone wrote:

Perhaps it might be if you could hear the questions clearly...maybe we should add sub-titles to it...i think that is easily done, isn't it?


That is a proplem. You couldn't even hear the answers in the original video but I increased the volume in a sound editor.

I think a front page video should introduce the party and our basic position which is why I prefer that one. 


Vin (not verified)

The party has a many videos involing party members that could with a bit of imagination be edited and amalgamated,   and made into a coherent and interesting  introduction to the party and placed on the front page for those visiting the site. 

What we stand for? How are we different from other socialist parties, how we are organised, why we oppose war. when we were formed etc

If only 100 people view it then it is an improvemrnt on existing methods of communication

Vin (not verified)

Does the party havd an introductory video?

A one that states who we are and what we stand for?

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Not really but this election video is used on opportune occasions.

For example.

Vin (not verified)

I was thinking more along the lines:

An introduction: answering main questions

What do you stand for? Why do we need to abolish wages? When were we formed? Hasen't this been tried in the past? What about human nature. Not talking about indepthor academic, just simple perhaps amusing replies.

Similar to Adam and Howard on the BBC but obviously better quality and rehearsed with use of graphics etc



Vin (not verified)

The annoying peasant. Basis of a party videocheeky

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How about something like this?

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