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'Only one earth - time to take control' (Manchester - 2pm)

Saturday, 13 May 2017 - 2:00pm

Venue: The Unicorn, 26 Church Street, Manchester M4 1PW

Directions: About 13 minutes walk from Manchester Piccadilly rail station


In the world of science the consensus of opinion is that the environment is becoming ever quickly destroyed and that climate change is close to causing major disasters on a worldwide scale.

The efforts of capitalism to counter these issues has so far appeared very feeble and ineffective.

Socialists do not think that it ever will be effective and that what is required is a revolutionary change.

Have you any views? Come along to the Manchester Branch meeting of the Socialist Party to discuss and exchange ideas.

It is hoped that several people will come along with prepared introductions to the discussion with an opportunity for everyone to have an input to the meeting.