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Labour Party

Lack of Momentum

The Labour leadership election between Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith is a battle for the heart and soul of the Party; we examine what is really at stake.

A few years ago the idea that Jeremy Corbyn might be leader of the Labour Party would have been as likely as Lord Lucan appearing in Kensington High Street riding Shergar. But such is the disillusionment with much of what the Blair and Brown governments stood for – including the Iraq War – that the Labour Party seems to be a rather different place these days.

Editorial: The Curse of Work, The Right to Live

The Labour Party will soon need to cry “Save us from our friends”! The other “Leaders” who failed to secure election are turning upon them.

Mr. Russell Smart, in the columns of the Labour Leader, asserts that, since the General Election, they have lost ground because of the “tame and unheroic policy the Labour Party has followed in the House of Commons; in the eyes of the electorate it has scarcely justified its existence.”

The Staging of Another Pantomime

'Internationals' are having a great run these days. A new one has recently come into existence at Hamburg, and from the 'Daily News' (25/5/23) we learn that:

    "The objects are defined with sufficient breadth to enable the parties within a fairly wide range of differences of view to adopt."

These periodical bursts of enthusiasm for internationals would be amusing of their consequences were not so harmful in keeping the workers' minds occupied with other than the position that really concerns them.

This particular International is so broad in its views that it throws overboard one of the fundamental principles of Socialism—the class struggle

    "This phrase, 'class war,' appeared in the German and French translations, but the English substituted in its place these words: 'to foster the independent and industrial action of the workers' organisations as a means of realising that object.'

Debate on the Labour Party

The debate between Frederic Mullally, supporter of the Labour Party, and our Comrade Turner at the Fulham Town Hall on February 28th attracted a large audience. The large hall was completely filled.

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