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Book Reviews: 'Bleakonomics', 'Robots Will Steal Your Job, But That's OK', 'Shelley at Oxford' & 'The Lovely Horrible Stuff'

Capitalisms diminishing returns

'Bleakonomics', by Rob Larson. (Pluto Press. 2012)

Larson has written an engaging polemic against free-market capitalism and its proponents, focusing on the role of ‘externalities’such as environmental destruction and the inadequate consideration of these by conventional economics.

Book Reviews


Corporate takeover

The Captive State. The Corporate Takeover of Britain. By George Monbiot, Macmillan.

Obituary: Paddy Boylan

Paddy Boylan, Socialist, died aged 86 in Walsgrave Hospital, Coventry, on Sunday 24 October.

Paddy had been a member of the Socialist Party of Ireland in Dublin before emigrating to England in 1958 to work, like many others from Ireland, in the then booming car industry in Coventry. He was secretary of the Coventry Socialist Group in the early 1960s, made up largely of other Socialists who had also been forced to leave Ireland to find work.

In Paddy, Socialism has lost a lifelong advocate here in Coventry and in his native Dublin. We who had the pleasure of knowing him will miss him.


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