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Peter E Newell

UFOs identified

Saddam Hussein did not have any Weapons of Mass Destruction. But America has. Many. And stored all over the world, including in England. And, of course, in the United States itself, including the Nevada nuclear test site southwest of the Nellis Air Force Range, also known as Area 51 shown on old maps. Up to 1994, the Pentagon denied the existence of the so-called Dreamland base, although later that year the US Air Force (USAF) finally admitted to its existence. Even now, much of what goes on at “Area 51” is officially secret.


World View: 'City of Despair', 'American Prosperity', 'The Wasted Century'

City of despair
"The Japanese city of Osaka looks like a scene from a grainy black and white film about the Great Depression," writes Leeroy Betti in the Western Australian (6 January). "Scores of cardboard and plastic shanties line the footpaths for block after block." Thousands of men stand around open fires, many offering all kinds of rubbish for sale; others arrive as early at 5am outside the Imamiya Labour Centre, hoping to find jobs for building projects.

Officially, unemployment in Japan is 4.4 percent, or just on three million, but, says Betti, "the real jobless rate could be closer to 12 percent, according to some US economists". And, he continues, "as the worst recession in Japan's postwar history bites deeper, construction jobs, like those in other sectors, have dried up". Moreover, many company executives are concerned at losing their jobs.

Betti concludes:

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