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Hans Neumann

The Social Democratic Federation: Does it Deserve the Support of the Working Class?

Sydney Hall, York Road, Battersea, now in the possession of the Battersea Branch of The Socialist Party of Great Britain, was crowded on August 31st, the occasion being a debate upon the question asked above, between Mr. W. H. Humphreys, an accredited lecturer of the S.D.F, and Comrade J. Fitzgerald, representing die Executive Committee of the S.P.G.B.

Mr. George Hicks, O.B.S., presided, and after explaining the object and conditions of the debate, called upon the opener.

"The World For The Workers"

A Song of Revolution

Words & Music by H. J. Neumann


You toilers of the world, arise!

       To bravely speed the day,

    When all your forces organise

       King Capital to slay,

    And from the master class you'll wrest

       The Powers of the State,

    Which, wielded in your interest,

       Your class emancipate. 


    There sounds above the class war din

       The battle-cry we use:

    Unite! you have a world to win,

       Your chains alone to lose." 


    Your lot in life is darkest gloom;

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