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Gustave Hervé

The Parable of the Table

[Being a further extract from the speech of Gustave Hervé of his trial (vide June S.S.) translated for the Socialist Party of Great Britain by FRITZ.]

Ah! I know that I wound your conscience, gentlemen of the jury. Your conscience pricks you all the more because you feel that I am speaking the truth. I feel sure that when I say this I wound the universal conscience which the Paris Bar with its eloquence, knows so well how to interpret.

But do you believe that Voltaire, Diderot and the rest of the encyclopaedists were able to avoid treading on people’s corns?

The Religion of Patriotism

[Being an extract from the speech delivered by Gustave Hervé to the jury, on the occasion of his trial for taking part in the “Antimilitarisme” agitation. Now done into English for the Socialist Party of Great Britain by Fritz.]

(It will be remembered that Gustave Hervé was condemned to pay a fine and sent to prison for four years, of which he served about six months - Editor)

Oh yes! We certainly deserve to go to the stake like all heretics, we who offend against the holy spirit of patriotism! For it is a religion, this patriotism of modern nations, a belief which is instilled into our minds from the cradle up, by the very same process that has been used by every form of religion from time immemorial.

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