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Clifford Allen

What a Conservative M.P. Thought of the Labour Party and Sir Stafford Cripps

In the light of subsequent developments, it is interesting to recall what Captain Harold Macmillan, M.P., had to say about the Labour Party and Sir Stafford Cripps seven years ago. At that time they were political opponents. Now, Sir Stafford Cripps represents the British Government in Russia and Captain Harold Macmillan is a member of the Government, along with leaders of the Labour Party. In June, just before the German attack on Russia, The Times was urging that Cripps should be included in the Cabinet (News Chronicle, June 17th, 1941).

Here are Captain Harold Macmillan’s views seven years ago : —

      Captain Harold Macmillan, Conservative M.P. for Stockton, speaking at a meeting of the English Review Luncheon Club, in London, yesterday, gave two views of the Labour Party as seen through the eyes of the Right-wing in politics.

Book Review: 'Warning from the West Indies'

Strife in the West Indies

'Warning from the West Indies', by W. M. MacMillan. (Penguin Special, 6d.)

To-Day, when Germany and Italy are demanding colonies, when the British and French governments are holding fast to theirs, and when leaders of all shades—Communist, Labour, Liberal and Conservative—are doing their utmost to make the British workers believe that the British Empire is worth defending with their lives, it is very fitting that these workers, who would bear the brunt of the fighting in the event of war, should know what they would be defending.

Are we not told that it would be inhuman if the British Government handed any of its colonies over to the savagery of the totalitarian governments? Well, it is worth asking how the British colonies are administered, in order to find out if the subject peoples would lose by a change of masters.

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