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Bill Bailey

The Bishop's Special

(A blast from the past, from the April 1916 Socialist Standard)

News From Heaven

The Bishop's Special

When Parson Says Lie We All Lie

For generations parson has implored us to "let truth prevail." After all these years parson has taken to showing us how to do it—as the following witnesseth. The occasion was a recent "patriotic meeting in the park" at Grays (Essex), and I quote that excellent local dish-cloth, the "Grays and Tilbury Gazette."

"The Rev. Willis Bryars, who is a member of the Grays Volunteer Training Corps, also spoke urging his hearers to ask themselves were they worthy of the great sacrifices which men were making for them. Let the young men come forward and do their best. Even if they were but 17 he would forgive them, though he was a parson, if they told the recruiting officer that they were 19—(laughter) and he was quite sure the Lord would too. (Applause.)"

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