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Alec Gray

Palliatives and Practical Politics: An Indictment of Reform

We are in the throes of another great agitation. The popular pulse has been quickened, the popular mind has been stirred, the popular spirit has revolted against the latest flout of the popular will and the popular fiat has gone forth in a yell of popular execration "Death to the House of Lords! Death!" Wherefore all the forces of progress have formed up in lighting array ; the progressive pulpit, the progressive press, the progressive politician, have all leaped to arms animated by one great popular principle, united in one great popular party, and have gone forth with "practical politics" inscribed on their banners to do battle with the pallid peers or, parenthetically, perish in the process. For the "Over the Bridges" Tramway Bill, fashioned by the mediocrity of Spring Gardens, after many exhibitions of practical statesmanship on the part of the L.C.C. M.P's., has been incontinently kicked out of the House of Select Thieves after having passed

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