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The new "force" in politics

So! We are, it seems, to rejoice in the advent of a new force in English politics. We are to observe "the descent of a bolt out of the blue" and be happy. We are to note that "Labour" no longer sits on the "doorstep" but is inside the House of Commons and will do things. We are even to accept the fact as a sign of victory for—Socialism! Well! This is interesting. Because in our ignorance we thought this sort of  "Labour" force descended from the blue, or, to be more accurate, ascended from the black, very many moons since. We seemed to have recollected even of a "Labour" minister in a Liberal administration before Mr Burns. It is true these old-time "Labour" representatives received the support of the Liberal Party. True also that the Rt. Hon. Thomas Burt was for very good reasons persona grata with Liberalism. But then so also was and is Mr Burns, the chairman of the "Labour" group in the last parliament.

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